Uniform Day- Officially Scrubed!!!

I am officially scrubed!

Today was school uniform day. At my school it consists of fingerprinting, a background check, trying on, purchasing scrubs and meeting with an advisor to make sure all pre requisites are met.

First, I met with my advisor. She had me sign some paperwork for my background check and went over STNA and CPR information. I’m taking my BLS CPR training this Saturday. The health care professionals course is a requirement. My school offers a course for $40 and it is 4 hours.

Next was the dreaded background check line. Although it was a 2 hour wait, I really can’t complain. This gave me an opportunity to meet others in my class and even talk with other students about the facility I had chosen to get my STNA. Some of the students had already gone through the course and had very positive feedback. I am going through pchslive.com or Premier Care Health Services in Columbus (I will be updating with a review once completed).

After the background check, it was time to get scrubed!! My school’s requirements: Imlay’s Royal Blue. First year nursing students have to buy 2 scrubs and one lab coat. I know it doesn’t seem terribly interesting but I had a blast. Anytime I buy something towards my nursing career, I get ridiculously excited.


When was the first time you stepped into a pair of scrubs? How did it make you feel?

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