Thirty-One Gifts Review

I was first introduced to Thirty-One Gifts about 3 years ago. There were a few women selling it in my office and I avoided it like the plague. I had no intention or desire to spend my hard-earned cash on any of these bags or products. My philosophy at that time was, “I’d rather buy some Coach”.


Fast forward to a few months back…. 


I was surfing nursing student pins and boards on Pinterest (my utter addiction and the major reason I started this blog), and a few pins had the Organizing Utility Tote. I fell in love. A friend of mine that lives close to me is a consultant, so I decided I may as well try it. I ordered a few things and I am obsessed with the customization. No clue why, can’t even begin to explain it… but I’ll just say that the bags with my name or on them feel so much better than the plain ones.


Here are my lovelies…..



From left to right: Keep it Caddy (embroidered with, Super Organizing Tote (Embroidered with my name), Zip-Top Utility Tote (This Nurse Gives a Hoot) Thirty-One Gifts


I’m just going to put this out there: I have a sick obsession with organizing… everything. Silly things that don’t need to be organized, I’m making a spreadsheet for them. It’s a little ridiculous. It’s the most bizarre hobby ever. Hopefully, my oddity can help others.


Keep it Caddy – I used to use this tote everyday. I stuck a Staples Open Top File Box in it and love the pockets on the outside to put my insane collection of colored pens in. The issue with this bag is the short handles. I am constantly rearranging it because of this and have actually put it in my car as a mobile office instead. Still love it, just not my favorite.

20140725_112731 20140725_111148


Super Organizing Tote – This thing is GINORMOUS. When I ordered it, I thought it was going to be my everyday bag. It has now replaced my Vera Bradley Carry On as my gym bag. As with the other bags, I love all the outside pockets. I can put my sweaty gym shoes in them and not have to worry about the clothes on the inside getting stinky. (Sometimes my shoes smell like something died in them, I’ve accepted it).













Zip-Top Utility Tote – This bag is the poo. I got it because of the Nurse embroidery (My favorite animal is the owl). I know I am not a nurse yet and I carry it with the embroidery facing my body. I initially bought it as a graduation present for myself but could not keep my paws off it. It’s pretty perfect. The straps are a great length, the Staples’ file box fits in it beautifully and it carries all of my things and keeps them in order so I don’t have to do “The Dig”… You know precisely what I’m referring to. 😀 I just love it.



I also use this nifty flat iron holder to house my stethoscope.

IMG_20140822_104647 IMG_20140822_104538

























I am not affiliated with Thirty-One Gifts, I just really like their products. I did not receive any compensation from writing this review. The opinions expressed are my own honest beliefs. I bought these myself and I encourage all of my readers to wait until these bags are on sale to purchase (they frequently are and I rarely pay retail for them).
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