The Negative Stigma of Nursing School

Nursing School inspiration from for Nursing Students Like & Pin. This is a great read for anyone going into nursing

The Beginning

When I started my college journey, I attended a two-year institution in the city. My major, medical assisting. I have always wanted to work in the medical field and my heart always told me, “be a nurse”. I love science and I love helping people. It’s an innate quality and I would be doing myself an injustice to ignore those ambitions. Above all, I naturally desire challenge and competition. My fiercest competitor is myself. So why on earth did I initially choose a medical assisting program? The stigma. We all hear it. “Nursing school is impossible” or “nursing school was the worst years of my life“. We hear the stories of straight A students failing or dropping out. We hear about 7am clinicals and questions with all right answers… but which answer is more right?

Making the Wrong Decisions

After going on a hiatus from school, I returned. This time I switched my major to business management. Business management is universal and the classes I completed helped strengthen me as a person and were invaluable. But business is not for me. I realized this after completing two quarters as a part-time student.

The heart wants what the heart wants. I finally made the decision to push all negative connotations aside and switch to a new school in my new rural setting. This was almost a year ago. I had completed two semesters, with a 3.84 GPA as I waited for a letter of acceptance into the nursing program. My prayers were answered and I start this fall.

My Decision to Focus on the Positive

I had been so worried about how hard nursing school was that I didn’t even give it a chance. The stunning realization of having a passion and drive for what I  am doing hit hard here recently. Reflecting on my academics, I noticed that I was excelling in my classes. Previously, I was just skating by and didn’t really care about my school performance. Now, I am excited for school and earn better grades than I ever had. I’ve realized I am engaged in the curriculum. These aren’t just classes, these are stepping-stones to project me to my ultimate goal, nursing. I even joined Phi Theta Kappa and was accepted as a student ambassador for my school. This all was a result of being happy. I want to get up and go to class rather than dreading it.

Focus on Your Strengths

Instead of fighting to make a well-rounded person, which is what I was attempting with the business major, we should be focusing on our strengths. If nursing is your passion, go for it! Do not let the stigma stand in your way. I oftentimes hear peers of mine who are pre- nursing students complain about starting the nursing program. This shocks me. Of course I still have my reserves and I am nervous but my excitement and joy outweigh that and push me forward. I cannot wait to start next semester and will focus on maintaining a positive outlook. Not only for myself, but for others who may also be teetering on the idea of nursing school. I never want anything I may say or do to push someone in a direction they may not have chosen otherwise.

Nursing School inspiration from for Nursing Students Like & Pin. This is a great read for anyone going into nursing

Let’s talk about the Nursing School rumors. Comment below with what you have heard about nursing school or what you are concerned about as a pre-nursing, nursing student. 

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