How to Organize Your Planner

Let’s go through how to organize your planner! I get super excited about organization and Lilly Pulitzer. Lilly Pulitzer Agendas. 2013- 2014 and my brand new (write in me please) 2014-2015. I just got the new one last week. The pattern is Sippin’ and Trippin’.

These agendas are beautiful and an organizational savvy girl’s dream come true. They are a saving grace for an overwhelmed nursing student. The agendas feature thick pages and tons of space to plan your life to your heart’s desire. Oh and these are super durable, too. My 2013-2014 agenda that I used last year still looks new and I can assure you, it has suffered tons of abuse. I literally take mine with me everywhere.


Make your Planner a Priority

Planning my time effectively is the most crucial skill I have learned. It saves a ton of time and keeps me on track with my studies. If you follow these simple instructions, you will be more organized and less stressed.

To see any sort of positive outcome, it must also be done regularly.

1 Hour – After first day of class, before anything is done, pull out your syllabus for each class.

  • Assign a color for each class you are taking
  • Go through the syllabus, and enter all dates and descriptions using the classes assigned color. Put these dates into the weekly pages of your agenda
  • Add big projects to the monthly calendar
  • Make class binders according to the colors and include sections divided by tabs based off the syllabus information (My next post will show how I make and organize my binders)

30 Minutes – Set aside 30 minutes of time weekly to plan the following week. I do this on Sunday evening.

10 Minutes – Set aside 10 minutes daily to plan for the next day.

Remember: When planning, pick a quiet and comfortable spot with minimal interruptions. I picked up most of my organizational skills from 5 Choices to Extra Ordinary Productivity.


Color Code Your Planner

Green – Bills and paydays

Blue – Marion Technical College calendar dates

Purple – Student Ambassador/Phi Theta Kappa activities/Sigma Alpha Pi

Orange – Work Schedule

Red – Nursing School Deadlines

Pink – Personal information and doctor’s appointments



Monthly Calendar – I use this to organize anything outside of classes, except for large projects and assignments that will take longer than a week to complete. My personal information such as doctors appointments, work schedule, bills, etc. go in this portion. I also include this information in the weekly pages.

Everything is color coded and I put a key on the “to do” list.


Weekly Agenda Pages – At the begging of the semester, I go through each syllabus and add homework assignments and test/quiz dates. During class, if the professor assigns another assignment, I add it in. As I complete assignments, I check them off.20140725_113847

I use these pages as a daily task or to do list, writing what I need to do that day either the night before or same day.

As I receive completed assignments, quizzes and tests back, I jot down the grade I received to make sure my grades are always reported accurately.

Happy Planner Tools

Use binder clips to section the current month/week for easy access.

I tried the fine tip Sharpie Markers on the pages but did not like them because I write heavy, making them bleed through the paper.

I prefer Pentel RSVP colored pens and the colored Paper Mate InkJoy pens. (I’m super picky with pens)

I also use the Crayola Supertip Markers <<< These are amazing and only $2.00 at the dollar stores in my area.

>>> My favorite is the Jumbo size, it is huge. There is plenty of room to write. There are also Large, Medium and Small sizes available, although I can’t comment on them because I’ve never used them or seen them in person.

These can be purchased at Lilly Pulitzer.

Happy planning!!!


Do you have any organizational secrets you’d like to share? What has worked for you in the past and what hasn’t?


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