Nursing Student School Supplies

I PASSED my first semester of nursing school!!
To celebrate, I am going to go over the supplies that helped me do it.

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MacBook Pro – I had a HP Laptop for about a year and did not like it at all (Windows 8). My Macbook is light, portable and has plenty of apps to keep me organized. My favorite app, currently is Record Lectures. This is set up in a calendar and keeps all of the lectures I record in order by class and date.

Stethoscope – I have a Littmann Classic II S.E and a Prestige Medical Sprague. The Littmann is my favorite and I had it customized with my name on the bell. The Prestige Medical stethoscope came with my 20140726_200732  blood pressure cuff and I keep it in my car as back up.

Penlight – The big complaints I have heard from my peers about penlights were either A. my penlight broke or B. it ran out of batteries. I have these penlights from I have been using one for the entire semester and it has not broken or gone out on me. The pupil gauge on the side is a necessity and you have to push on the clip to keep the light on, so it cannot be left on all day by mistake. The rest go into the big bag that I keep in my trunk so I always have one if I need it.

Blood Pressure Cuff – I have a Prestige Medical blood pressure cuff that I bought online at This was not on my school supply list but I recommend having your own cuff so you can practice, practice, practice.

Watch – I have two Timex watches, the Weekender and the Easy Reader. I love both of these watches. I wear the Easy Reader the most because it is a very small watch. The face is about the size of a nickel. Both are water resistant and have a built in light. The key differences, the Weekender has military time whereas the Easy Reader has the date. For me, the date is more important.

Hemostats – I got a cheap pair of hemostats from Haven’t had to use them yet but they are required to have at all times during clinical.

Bandage Scissors – We are required to have bandage scissors. I used them in a pinch to cut notecards one day. Worked decently. Mine came with my blood pressure cuff.

Pulse Oximeter – I have this pulse ox that I ordered from To me, it’s a necessity. I was at one hospital and theirs were usually out of batteries, so you had to search high and low for one. I also used it daily to practice my head to toe assessment at home and on friends.

Index Cards – I have a love hate relationship with flash cards. I finally figured out how to use them effectively and organize them in a way that works for me. You can read more about it here.

Galaxy Tab (in an Otterbox Case) – I have a Galaxy Tab 3 that I take with me EVERYWHERE. It is small enough to fit in my scrub pocket but large enough to comfortably work on. I have an Otterbox case for it that has hard plastic on both sides, keeping it safe and secure. I have all of my textbooks downloaded onto it, I can access The Point from it to study and it’s great for Quizlet when studying electronic flashcards.

Tiny Notebooks – The itty bitty spiral bound notebooks are great to keep in your pocket during clinical to jot down notes.

NCLEX Review Book – Get one and use it. I have Saunder’s Comprehensive Review for the NCLEX-RN Examination.

Planner – I have an obsession with Lily Pulitzer. This post explains how I stay organized with my Lily planners.
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