Nursing Binder

This nursing binder may save you a ton of time and energy in the future. I love organization and I keep all important information close so I always have what I need. A lot of my future posts will focus on time-management and organization techniques.

Let’s Get Started on the Binder

Upon my acceptance into the nursing program, I made a nursing binder to keep all of my important documents together. This is so amazing to have when you are going to the doctor for immunizations and titers. Before Nursing, I had a folder where I kept my school documents and decided I would use the binder instead for better organization and more room. I do not file the information because I am currently using in on an almost daily basis. Once school starts, it will go into my file cabinet.

Supplies I used:

1. 1” Binder
2. Tab Dividers with Pockets
3. Sheet Protectors – $1.00 Dollar General for 20
4. 3-hole Page Punch
5. Pencil Pouch


Sections of the Binder:

The very first thing in my binder is my Nursing Acceptance Letter. I put it in a sheet protector along with about 10 copies. I use the copies to send as proof for nursing related scholarships.


In the pencil pouch – I keep all receipts for school related expenses such as; school supplies, books, scrubs, ect. A friend of mine just graduated her program and has always stressed to me to keep my receipts to use as a tax write off.

  • Financial Aid Package Letters
  • Loan Letters
  • Receipts for CPR Certification, STNA class (these are full sheet receipts so I don’t put them with the smaller ones)


Nursing School
Program curriculum Associates of Science Degree and Associates of Nursing Degree.
I highlight courses as I complete them. This really helps me see the progress I am making and keeps me motivated!!
Every piece of information sent from the nursing faculty goes in this section for reference.

  • Postcard confirming my nursing program application.
  • The slides from the nursing information session.
  • First Year Nursing Student letter
  • Copies of Signed Documents for School
  • Book and Supply Lists
  • Scrubs Order Forms


Scholarships / Honors

  • Contact List – Phi Theta Kappa Students/Faculty
  • Phi Theta Kappa Invitation Letter
  • Phi Theta Kappa Information Letters
  • Contact List – Student Ambassadors/Faculty
  • Student Ambassador Scholarship Acceptance Letter


Medical Record
This is extremely important to hold on to. <<I am adding this italicized text on 8/12/2016, because I just had to pull out all of this information for my first nursing job.>>

In the Pocket on the Tabbed Divider – Loose prescription pad immunization information

  • Required Diagnosis Screenings
  • Immunization Records
  • Titers
  • Copies of 1 Step and 2 Step TB injections and reads (Original and copies)
  • Physical Sheets (with copies behind the originals)



  • Class Calendar
  • Class and Program information
  • STNA course completion certificate
  • State License


Be creative and have fun making your binder!



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