Nurse Aide Training

Meet Mr. Jones, he has helped myself and tons of other students practice their Nurse Aide skills. We appreciate you, Mr. Jones!!!



I graduated my STNA course yesterday!!!

I have finished an accelerated program and I am certified to take the state exam to earn a nurse aide license in the state of Ohio! This course certainly gives a different perspective into the care of others with a great focus on bedside manner, safety and patient rights. I took my course through Premiere Choice Health Services in Columbus, OH. The faculty is amazing and there to support you. Vickie, the RN and program coordinator really made a detrimental impact on my entire outlook and way of thinking. She opened my eyes, heart, and mind to actually using my skills as an Nurse Aide. Her passion is contagious.

When I first started this course, it was only a requirement. I had to do this in order to move forward into my school’s nursing program. Now, I am excited to obtain gainful employment using my certification, after I pass the state exam this Saturday. Mahatma Gandhi once said,

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”


Well, Gandhi was right. My 2 day clinical experiences taught me so much about myself and gave me my first true hands on experience in the medical field. All the skills I had learned during my class time, came back to me like it was second nature. A lot of it is common sense, respecting the resident and keeping them safe.

Bathing and toileting was no big thing. I had absolutely dreaded the idea prior.

Talking to the residents and their families was the highlight of my weekend. Each and every individual in the long-term care facility was unique with their own stories, ideas and backgrounds. They are beautiful and amazing in their own way. My compassion and empathy were on overdrive. Making others happy, is truly fulfilling and, in turn, makes me happier.

My weekend went by quickly. It was a blur. I had that much fun. So much fun that I am excited to look for a part-time job as a PCA or PSA during school. (I will update you on the job search in a later post, along with job selection and interview tips)

To anyone who is nervous or believe they’ll be uncomfortable in this position, give it a chance. You may just surprise yourself.



Did you or are you going through a CNA or STNA course? Where did you go (include the name of the company, city and state) ? What was your experience? Would you recommend the course to others?

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