How to Organize Index Cards

I have a love/hate relationship with index cards. They are great to cram things into your long-term memory and can be thrown in a purse and taken anywhere.
I despise flashcards because they are so MESSY. They get lost, and I find them in random places while I am cleaning. I can guarantee, if I cleaned out my car, I would find over 20 million.

This is my solution to the flashcard overload.


● Index Cards
● Recipe Boxes
● Binder Clips in varying sizes
● Metallic Sharpie
● Alcohol Wipe

Index Cards

I bought the recipe boxes from a thrift store. They were 50 cents each and on Wednesdays all items are 1/2 off. So I ended up getting 4 boxes for a dollar. I have binder clips all over my house, so I didn’t need to buy them this time. I normally pick them up whenever I see them on a clearance rack. Clips can also be purchased on or at Staples and Office Max.

I spray painted two of the boxes because they were pretty dingy. The pink box was a gift from a co-worker a few years back.
When I make my note cards, I clip them and then write the subject on the clip with a metallic Sharpie Marker. When you’re finished with the cards, just take an alcohol wipe to the clip and the sharpie comes right off!

Hole punch the tops as you make them, keep a few rings in the recipe box with the cards. When you want to take a certain section with you, snap the rings on and go. When you’re finished, just put them back in their proper place.

Flashcard Index Note Card Organization


Online Index Cards / Flashcards

Instead of using paper index cards, you can use one of these websites or apps to make an electronic database of note cards.

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