Congrats to the Class of 2016!!!

I got it!!

In the mail today.. 😀 It was a plain envelope from my school. I have been accepted into the nursing program starting in the fall. At first I was excited. Like run around the block twenty times while screaming, excited. Now, a few hours later, I am terrified. My grades in A&P keep slipping little by little. If I’m struggling in A&P, how am I going to handle nursing school?

Here’s my list of what’s so scary…

  • The “which answer is most right” questions.
  • The amount of information I have to know and the amount of reading I have to do.
  • Smells. I know it’s crazy but I am so scared that I’ll smell one thing and vomit in front of everyone. I would be beyond mortified. So yes, the smells are a valid terror for me.
  • The teachers. I’ve heard scary things about nursing program faculty.
  • Failing. The most terrifying of all of my Nursing School fears is failing. I want this so badly that if I fail, I would question my whole existence. (Referring to the entire program… not just one test.)


I bet you’re wondering, “If you’re so scared of nursing school, why do you want to start the program?”

That’s a great question…

Simply put, I LOVE science and I LOVE helping people. I’ve wanted to be a nurse for a very long time. I am also the type of person that LOVES a challenge. This is my passion and I will get through it. All the things I just listed are minuscule when I look at the bigger picture and envision the end result of actually becoming one of the people I respect so much and hold in such high regard.

Do you have any fears about starting a nursing program? What are they? If you are a licensed nurse, what fears did you have as a pre-nursing student? Were the fears accurate or were you working yourself up?

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