College Binder Organization

Organizing Binders

Last Semester’s Binders

It’s time for me to update my class binders. I’m doing my binder organization a little differently than last year. Having your binders organized can save a lot of time and help prioritize assignments and learning objectives.

Last year, I had all classes in one binder until about halfway through the semester. At that point, I moved my Anatomy and Physiology section to its own binder since there was so much information.

I am taking 4 classes this semester and will have an individual binder for each.

Both are 2 inch View Binders and decorated with 12 x 12 Scrapbook paper cut to fit inside the clear plastic.

To separate each subject, I printed the course name, instructor and class number on a sheet of card stock then put it into a sheet protector. Behind this, I up-cycled manila folders using Mod-Podge and 8 x 11 scrapbook paper.

I always put the syllabus as the first paper.

After the syllabus I used tabbed dividers to organize each subject depending on the assignments and course.

This Semester’s Binders

I prefer the different colors. It helps with my color coding. Each binder is 1.5 inch. I made the covers in Photoshop using Lilly Pulitzer wallpapers.
Having the color coding and the name of the course on the font is much easier for me than having it inside the binder. On the back, I have the time block for class and the instructors name.

I also included a pencil pouch in each binder. I found these at the dollar store and they are surprisingly durable. The pouches have 2 pockets.

Last semester, I carried around a separate pencil pouch. It was a pain to dig through it.

Each pouch has a pencil, pen, highlighter and colored pen. The colored pen is to update my planner for that particular class. Hopefully by keeping it simple, I will not have tons of lost pens.

I have four online access cards just in the Foundations course. The pencil pouch holds them perfectly and keeps them from getting lost. I also use it to hold CDs from the textbooks and one small notebook.

My Foundations of Nursing binder is split up into theory and lab. Under theory I have notes. Under lab I have modules and skill sheets sections.

I also have a separate 1″ binder for clinical.

How do you organize your binders?

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