Brand New Scrubed… is still in  it’s infancy, but I used my first weekend off in months to completely revamp the site (and clean my bathroom).

I used Photoshop CC to make both logos. I actually took my time on the second one.

**Disclaimer, I have no formal Photoshop training and what I do put together, literally takes me hours because I don’t know what I am actually doing and have to re-work things several times. That being said… please do not help yourself to my graphics without permission. I worked extremely hard on them. (My husband found the time I took “perfecting” each individual graphic hilarious. Me, not so much.)


This is the old site logo….logo8




And the new logo…




I  have been working diligently on this blog so I can occupy my time with less of the design aspect and more content. It feels as though I am finally getting to that point.


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