Funny name.

Wrong spelling.


What does it mean?

I received my acceptance letter for Marion Technical College’s Nursing Program in February 2014.

At that moment, I felt as though I had been “Scrub-ed“. My academic institution may as well slapped some scrubs on my butt and sent me on my way. I felt anxious, excited and nervous all at once. I was in the unknown, right in the middle of pre-nursing student and nursing student.

For the licensed nurses who passed the NCLEX and have their degree, you’re “Scrub-ed” too! Those scrubs are like your superhero cape, Batman.

Scrub-ed in its simplest, sweetest form is Scrub Education. Scrubs are a staple for nurses. Stethoscope-d is too    l   o    n    g.

So Scrub-ed it is and so it shall be.

Who am I? I’m Sam. I am you. I may be your past, present, or future. I am standing where you once stood or I could be where you want to be. (Oh and happy to update this post and proudly announce that I am an RN program graduate!!!!)


…so what is all of this?:

This is a place to learn. This is a blog for pre-nursing students, nursing students, LPNs, RNs, CNA/STNA, Medical Assistants, everyone in the healthcare field, or anyone who is interested in the healthcare field. I’m excited to learn from my peers, to walk along with those just starting, and learn from those that have braved this treacherous journey. This is to assist and offer guidance to those that are just starting their path. This is a place to meet friends.

But with that, I want to caution you against using real names or locations, or any identifying information. I will be writing about my experiences but also maintaining nursing ethics and doing the right thing.

So welcome to Scrub-ed.

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